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What people say about my facilitation and planning

"May I say, Christine, that your work with us has produced a wonderful result.  Thank you so much for your efforts – we realize how herculean the job was to work with 10 very different clinics in order to reach consensus.  We appreciate all the work it took to get us to the goal line on time with a quality product.  I think it is safe to say that we would not be here, with this agreed upon plan, without you."    

-Lois Cromarty, Executive Director, Northumberland Community Legal Clinic


 “I just want to say something about the facilitation.  You have a way of deeply listening and getting us to deeply listen to each other while at the same time keeping us pinned on what we need to accomplish”  

-Executive Director, Children’s Mental Health Agency

“Engaging [Christine Peringer as] our facilitator for the planning process and the development of measures was key to developing our collaborative culture, and not only getting our plans in place but realizing that we can do this, working together, and on schedule.”

-Leader of regional collaboration initiative

“Christine was skilled at enabling us to speak freely, reducing defensiveness, and keeping things moving in a positive direction”

“[Christine is] an excellent facilitator who helped us to recognize our vision and supported us in identifying concrete steps to advance our vision.”

“I have enjoyed how you did the job which was difficult at times and probably exhausting.”

“Initially I was sceptical …[History of mergers …] however competent, reassuring,[facilitator provided a] true compass for the wishes of the committee… perfect facilitator for the task"


“Facilitator was skilled at enabling us to speak freely, reducing defensiveness, and keeping things moving in a positive direction.”

What people say about my evaluations:

“I used Christine’s services to undertake a project evaluation I needed completed. She was thorough, respectful and understood the issues at hand. I heard from those she interviewed, as was required to complete the evaluation, that she was an excellent listener and really understood their issues.

"The report which was completed on time was thoughtfully constructed and presented a balanced and insightful overview of the project’s successes and challenges. Christine is a true professional, is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services to others.”

-Director, Advocacy and Communication, national disability organization


“…. [T]hank you for the thoughtful and thorough job you did with our evaluation

“… [Y]our insights provided a clear focus for us to act from, which was enormously helpful to us.

“We all appreciate the tone you brought to the report, as well as the conscientious and thorough investigation you brought to the task. Your evaluation helps us to clarify some of the issues which have been building as we work our way through this new phase …

“We are unanimous in our agreement that the evaluation process has been very helpful, and that your care and expertise were pivotal in making it successful”

-Program leader, community arts organization



What people say about my conflict mediation:​

“This has been a true learning experience for me, one that I have taken to heart and will truly work with”

“It was led very professionally and Christine did her job to keep people on track.”

“My experience, my work life has improved due to this process. People treat me with a greater amount of respect. … [one thing I liked was] the maturity, grace and wisdom that Christine demonstrated as our facilitator”

“We needed to have had these sessions happen 10 years ago. The process was interesting. I personally said a lot more than I normally would have. As a mediator, you were very effective drawing information. You listen and I felt even though there was a roomful of people, I could speak out without recrimination.”

“You were good at helping us quickly identify the issues and helping the team develop concrete steps to deal with them. You have a special talent for helping people work constructively through issues.”

What people say about my trainings:

"Would have liked an extra hour; she was fantastic, I would like to learn more from her"

"Very interactive – good examples of issues that are ‘real’"

"Excellent workshop, valuable info I will use; interactive and stimulating action I can take"

"Good handouts, presentation style; liked use of real examples; interactive session"

"Used a participant cases to illustrate concepts in a way that was meaningful and understandable.  I could apply this in practice."

"Dynamic, practical information; would spend all day learning from Christine"

On working with a coalition of 30 multi-sector organizations involved in regional planning of services:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unsurpassed care and commitment to this work”

“Your ability to pull us together is exceptional”

“Thank you for your talent and patience”

“You have brought great guidance, patience and an atmosphere of safety to the table and the process.”

“Thank you, Christine for your patient, intelligent guidance and good humour throughout this process!”

“Thank you for your unsurpassed gifts … “Blessed are the peacemakers”

“Thank you for your enthusiasm for this process that seemed so daunting”

“I appreciate your amazing gift of hearing what is said, and not said and how you make this process flow and stay positive.”

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