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Summary of Qualifications

  • Extensive experience facilitating multi-stakeholder consensus-building processes -- including strategic planning, change management, evaluation and conflict resolution

  • Experience leading projects internationally and in Canada

  • Special skill and experience working with nonprofit organizations and all levels of government

  • A large toolkit to custom design processes that achieve your goals and fit your culture, timeline and budget

  • 19 years of experience facilitating decision-making in diverse fields including health, the environment, justice, social services and the arts

I bring...

  • Passion for developing collaborative solutions

  • Ability to guide people with differing perspectives through layered decision-making processes to find solutions to complicated challenges 

  • Ability to get a group in the “right place” to make their best possible decisions.  I foster acceptance of self and others -- rather than judgement -- and a sense of possibility and seeing beyond barriers to explore other options

  • A large and ever-growing toolkit of approaches to use in creating a custom process including:

Work History

1998 – present    Facilitator and Collaboration Consultant   

1985 – 1991   Leadership positions in nonprofit organizations

Coordinator — Centre for Days of Peace, Ottawa

Ran the research and international mobilization projects of this association of public health and peace organizations promoting humanitarian ceasefires in war zones.

National Coordinator — Election Priorities Project, Ottawa

Facilitated the work of more than 100 grassroots groups raising environmental, peace and development issues with local federal election candidates.

Co-managing Director — Peace Research Institute – Dundas, Ontario
Co-led this research, publishing and public education nonprofit.

Training and Education

  • Peer Reviewer Training, Building Healthier Organizations

  • Community Organizational Health Inc., Toronto (2004)


  • “Organizational Conflict” Graduate Credit

Carleton University, Ottawa (2002)

  • ​Nonviolent Communication,

Centre for Nonviolent Communication (2005 and ongoing) 

  • Third Party Neutral (Level 1),

Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, Ottawa

  • Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution

Canadian International Institute for Applied Negotiation (CIIAN), Ottawa (2001)

  • Bachelor of Laws, Osgoode Hall Law School (1985)

  • Bachelor of Arts – English, University of Western Ontario (1980)


Using ‘Nonviolent Communication’ as a Mediator  
Proceedings 2007 Symposium on Conflict Resolution (7 pages)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication methodology developed by American psychologist and mediator Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. This paper introduces nonviolent communication and explains how I use this approach before, during and after mediation.

Building Peace in Non-profit Organizations

Proceedings 2005 Symposium on Conflict Resolution (14 pages)

This paper presents:
⦁    challenges and advantages of non-profits in reaping the positive benefits of conflict
⦁    principles that underlie effective conflict resolution within this sector
⦁    examples of peace building interventions for non-profit organizations

Engaging the ‘Physical’ in Conflict Resolution 
Proceedings 2003 Symposium on Conflict Resolution (10 pages)

This paper surveys approaches that can be used to involve people physically in ways that contribute to the success of conflict resolution. It presents a spectrum of passive-to-active techniques aimed at engaging people physically in the conflict resolution process.

How We Work for Peace: Canadian Community Activities
1987 Peace Research Institute – Dundas
A 450-page guide to peace activism in Canada.


  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Bohmian Dialogue

  • Collective Impact

  • Consensus Decision-making

  • Family Constellation 

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Open Space

  • Restorative Circles

  • Scenario Planning

  • A track record of producing accurate and user-friendly agreements 

  • Fun, patience, attention to detail, commitment to get it done

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