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I facilitate and lead custom-designed planning processes for partnerships, coalitions and complex organizations. A process may produce:

  • A plan for the work of your partnership

  • A proposal seeking government or other funding

  • Your foundational shared understandings: e.g. shared purpose, vision, mission, values or problem statements

  • An environmental scan — what has changed?  What are the opportunities to be embraced or the potential challenges to be considered as you move forward?

  • Strategic directions and objectives 

  • Workplans to move on your objectives

  • Evaluation frameworks to track progress and assist you to communicate your success to key stakeholders

  • Or something else that you need.

My Process

With my clients, we develop the answers to these key questions:

  • What results (product, organizational impact) do you want from this planning process?

  • Who are the stakeholders? Given your desired results, how do you want to involve them in the planning process?

  • How much time, energy and money do you want to put into this process?

Then together, we develop a process that will achieve your goals.   My role is to lead the process and I report on the results in the form of the desired plan.

 “For me the greatest thing about the whole merger was the opportunity to work with you and to get to know you better!  No one has done as much as you to contribute to the health and innovative aspects of [our organization].  Your superb gifts in the areas of planning, policy and consensus have been so vital.”

Director, Regional Health and Social Service Agency

“I can’t thank you enough for your support.  You have been pivotal in helping me actualize my vision for this project”

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