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"I specialize in collaborative work among organizations that exist to serve (or save) the world."

What I do

I guide coalitions of organizations to plan – and achieve -- unprecedented levels of collaboration needed to carry out their life-serving goals.  

I catalyze consensus processes for non-profit, public and private organizations and other stakeholders who seek to achieve something together.

I provide effective, skilled, engaging and sensitive process leadership.  My work with you may include:

⦁    Facilitation
⦁    Conflict resolution
⦁    Evaluation
⦁    Planning
⦁    Training

Who I Work With
  • Networks and coalitions

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Government (local, regional, provincial, national)

  • People committed to making the world a better place

  • Organizations in Eastern Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

“[Christine] is neutral and without bias, able to diffuse rivalries, keep discussions on topic, increases accountability, helps working through complex issues and keeps goal in mind”

Sample Projects

  • Guidelines for Mexico’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory Environment Canada/ Institituto Nacional de Ecologia y Cambio Climatico (INECC) - Mexico City


Co-designed and facilitated a 7-month multi-stakeholder process to accelerate the production of Mexico’s national greenhouse gas inventory working with the 12 parties whose collaboration was necessary to achieve a biennial inventory.

  • Country Strategy for Municipal Cooperation in Vietnam International Centre for Municipal Development (Federation of Canadian Municipalities)/Association of Cities of Viet Nam - Hanoi  


Designed and co-facilitated (with Vietnamese counter-part) a process to guide 50 representatives of Canadian and Vietnamese municipalities, meeting in Hanoi, to identify areas of focus for CIDA-funded projects.

In Canada


  • National Strategic Framework - Family Justice Officials Dept. of Justice, Canada/Federal/Provincial/Territorial Coordinating Committee of Senior Officials. Ottawa


Facilitated a national collaborative action-planning process for senior family justice officials representing 10 provinces and 3 territorial governments. 

  • Special Needs Strategy Regional (Lanark, Leeds and Grenville) Planning Process 

Facilitated a 9-month process to produce a service integration proposal that changed service delivery among 22 organizations (funded by 4 provincial ministries) for children with special needs to make services better for families.

  • Business Plans for Increased Health and Community Care Collaboration Rideau Tay Health Link and North Lanark Health Link 

Guided local planning tables made up of hospitals, community health centres, community care organizations to create a plan for an integrated person-centred system that tailors services to the needs of the most vulnerable and most frequent users of health and community care services.

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