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When working in coalitions, defining success and monitoring progress toward it is a crucial support for long-term success.

Collaborations want to have a shared understanding of their intended results and they want to be able to demonstrate those results to themselves and others.

My work in evaluation has two aspects

  1. Creating evaluation processes 

I guide organizations through the process of creating a system by which they can monitor their progress towards achieving desired results.  This may be for the work of a multi-year platform or for a specific aspect of the work.


2. Doing program evaluations 

I serve as an independent external evaluator of programs and processes.

My Process

My process is participatory.  I work with my client to determine their answers to three key questions:

  • Why do you want an evaluation?

  • Who will use or see the evaluation report?  How will they use it?

  • How much time, energy and money do you want to put into this process?

Then we design a process to meet these needs within available resources.  I use a mix of qualitative (e.g. personal feedback on impact) and quantitative (e.g. numbers served) methods as needed by the project.

In an evaluation report (and often presentation), I reflect back to the organization my analysis of the information gathered in a format that meets their needs.

“I used Christine’s services to undertake a project evaluation I needed completed. She was thorough, respectful and understood the issues at hand. I heard from those she interviewed, as was required to complete the evaluation, that she was an excellent listener and really understood their issues.

The report which was completed on time was thoughtfully constructed and presented a balanced and insightful overview of the project’s successes and challenges. Christine is a true professional, is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services to others.”

Director, Advocacy and Communication, national disability organization

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