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There is nothing natural about communicating in groups. With no one leading the process, even the most well-intentioned group can get sidetracked, have uneven participation, or get stuck.

As facilitator I am a collaboration specialist, a neutral third party who designs and leads a group through a structured process for effective discussion and decision-making.  Often, I also produce a written record of the group’s decisions and work.

I have facilitated discussions, meetings, processes, long-term collaborations for a broad spectrum of multi-party collaborations that can only achieve their goals by working together.  Subjects of my work include:

  • Access to Justice

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Health

  • Peacebuilding

  • Social Service

My Process

I design the agenda or process in close collaboration with the client.

We develop the answers to these three key questions:

  • What results (product, impact) do you want from this process or event?

  • Who are the stakeholders?  What are their needs and contributions?

  • How much time, energy and money do you want to put into this process? With these questions answered, I design and lead a process to deliver the desired results.

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