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for nonprofit, government,
and other multi-stakeholder processes

Working with organizations that are trying to serve or save the world, I …

  • Help people in complex systems solve difficult problems together

  • Help people achieve collaboration they thought might be impossible

  • Guide people in the creation of a plan that meets the needs of multiple varied stakeholders

  • Facilitate meaningful and productive collaboration towards a better world


Collaborations based on clear understandings and willingness to move forward in new ways.

  • Strong collaborations – Partnerships, regional initiatives, collective enterprises to make the world – locally or globally -- a better place

  • Plans with ownership – Proposals, memoranda of understanding, strategic plans, vision statements, operational plans. 

  • A better world – Problems solved.  New approaches built.  People better served.  The environment better protected.  Peace preserved or rebuilt.  Society more just.  


Custom-designed processes that …

  • Engage the commitment and wisdom of multiple partners and stakeholders to achieve important things

  • Liberate the energy that can get bound up in unresolved tension and conflict 

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“About the facilitation. You have a way of deeply listening and getting us to deeply listen to each other while at the same time keeping us pinned on what we need to accomplish”


Executive Director of Regional Children's Mental Health Agency

"May I say, Christine, that your work with us has produced a wonderful result.  Thank you so much for your efforts – we realize how herculean the job was to work with 10 very different clinics in order to reach consensus.  We appreciate all the work it took to get us to the goal line on time with a quality product.  I think it is safe to say that we would not be here, with this agreed upon plan, without you."   

Lois Cromarty, Executive Director, Northumberland Community Legal Center

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